What is IRIS?

Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS) is an ultrasonic immersion pulse-echo inspection technology used to inspect the integrity of steel tubing. It provides highly accurate results, which requires a high standard of tube cleanliness. Failed inspections are common given that water jetting contractors can’t achieve the standard of cleanliness required – this results in constant re-work, additional cleaning costs, inspection costs and further downtime.

IRIS’ enhanced cleanliness technology, ‘the Flexsafe system’, eliminates these issues by providing a guaranteed removal of all deposits for inspectors to conduct IRIS inspection immediately after cleaning, which leads to dramatically improved downtime cost savings. Further, the system is extremely safe as no high-pressure water is used.

Client benefits include:
• Assured standard of clean – Right first time IRIS standard
• ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL and IRIS inspection from one unit
• Unique quantifiable added value for Client – cleaned and inspected in one process
• Ability to clean and inspect exchangers etc. in-situ

Water jetting does not make 100% contact with the walls of the tube and given that the centre of the jet cleans better than the outside, remaining deposits are inevitable with this process. IRIS enhanced cleaning technology is a mechanically abrasive process which works at high speed and high torque with a head that moves through the entire tube. Tight tolerances ensure 100% contact and the abrasive surface material of the cleaning head is selected as a consequence of the tube material and the nature of deposits. Subject to the level of deposits in the tube, it may be necessary to pre-clean the tubes using, for example, coiled steel drilling.